Ginseng Root Puffed Tea set: 1 tea bag makes an infusion up to 3 times.

100% puffed chopped Korean red ginseng.  No additive.  Works well in cold water also.

GEUMSAM Puffed Tea (10 packs x 3 boxes)

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  • It is produced to be brewed in water easily, as the red ginseng is grounded finely and puffed with high pressure and temperature in porous structure. In 5-7 minutes after putting the tea-bag into hot water, it has tasty flavor with Saponin, the active ingredient of red ginseng, which makes it 100% natural red ginseng tea.


    Ingredients and its contect: 100% Red Ginseng (Korean local, 4-year-old or older)



    • Put 1 tea-bag into 1L of 80-90°C hot water, wait for about 5-10 minutes to be brewed, and drink it as refrigerated. (Brewing 15-20 minutes can make it more Ginseng-flavored and tasty.)
    • It can be in place of iced tea or drinking water, as it can be brewed in cold water as well.
    • Put 1 tea-bag in a mug with either hot or cold water and can be drunk as tea.

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