Take Red Ginseng Gold (240g) one spoonful (about 3g), alone or mixed with warm or cold water. Best when used on an empty stomach. It lasts 2 months. It provides energy that lasts, and doesn't leave you tired at the end of the day. (Ginsenoside Rb1,Rg1 and Rg3, total 6-8 mg), 100% pure red ginseng.  NO ADDITIVE!  6 years grown Korean Red Ginseng.  Geumsam County government regulated.

GEUMSAM Extract Gold (240g/8.46oz)

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  • Geumsam red ginseng extract uses ginseng which was harvested in Geumsan City and manufactured by Daedong Korean Insam Corporation. Geumsan city accounts for 80% of whole ginseng production in Korea.

    Ginseng and red ginseng are classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) level by FDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea). FDS officially approved the ginseng's efficacies:

    • immunity improvement
    • recovery from fatigue
    • memory improvement
    • blood circulatory system improvement
    • antioxidant


    Caution: Consult with a physician if you are taking medication for diabetes or anticoagulant.
    Do not take if you are allegic to ginseng.

    - The product is used for health supplement purpose not for treatment or therapy of a certain disease.

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